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Full service, turn-key, cannabis business solutions.

We provide White Label (including drop shipping) services for CBD, Hemp, Medical and Recreational Marijuana products,  one-on-one consulting services with top leaders of the cannabis industry, Branding, Packaging, Graphic Design, Marketing and Advertising, for Marketing, Branding, White-Labeling, Cannabis Business Consulting for the Growth-Oriented Cannaprenuer.

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Branding & Marketing Services

Digital Marketing

With over 90% of all online experience beginning with a search engine, you need a powerful online presence. Our cannabis marketing tools will be the key to your success.


Developing your brand requires strategy, planning, and vision. You need a branding agency that not only understands you but understands your market. Your core values should be reflected in your company branding, and communicated clearly through all touchpoints in your customer’s journey.

Design & Web Development

We specialize in high-performance graphic designs and web development that are attractive, functional, compliant, and offer easy navigation for quick sales.

White Label / Private Label

Are you ready to start your very own brand of cannabis products today? We offer a turn key, premier quality product option for you. We handle everything from design to packaging.

Social Media Management

We provide a digital strategy for successful social media growth and visibility including content creation, weekly posts, advertising, influencers, plus much more.

Product Placement

Once you are set up with Exclusive CBD Marketing, you will be coached in advanced product placement. We will provide you everything you need to know about getting your products on the shelves!

SMS Marketing

We can create a steady marketing campaign to consistently reach your clients through the use of SMS Marketing. We can use short-codes and other methods to collect your clients data.

Video Commercials

Exclusive CBD Marketing is a Full Service Video Production Company specializing in optimized Video Ad Commercials for businesses.

App Development

Simply stated: cannabis apps are powerful. Leveraging mobile apps to retain customers, manage inventory, or simply streamline operations can drastically alter your sales, costs, and manpower needs.
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Position Your Company At The Front Of The Pack

The burgeoning cannabis market is developing at a breakneck pace. With the barriers to entry shrinking daily, the market will only expand and become more competitive. You’ve already taken the initiative and established your foothold. Now is the time to optimize your marijuana business operations and establish yourself as a dominant and instantly recognizable force in the marketplace. Combining the skill sets of a branding agency, marketing agency, and business consultant in one place can streamline your operational needs and allow you to focus on your vision.

Exclusive CBD Marketing has complete Advertising Solutions for all Cannabis Businesses, both new and old

Brand Or Bust

Developing a brand that tells your unique story is critical if you want to stand out from your competition.

A well-developed brand gives its customers an unforgettable experience. What type of brand do you want to be?

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Master the Market, Maximize Your Gains

Developing and maturing a marketing plan can take a good business and turn it into a great business. In an industry where the product sells itself, the goal becomes less about selling the product, and more about effectively reaching more customers and the right ones. Hiring a marketing agency with an in-house SEO, design, branding, and cannabis business consulting departments can allow the development of strategies that encompass the entirety of your business, not just one aspect of it.

Hiring a marketing agency that understands what your business needs can be the difference between earning cash and burning cash.

Build Your Business The Right Way

Integrity. It’s a word we live by. And in this industry, there’s no word that’s more important. Integrity keeps your doors open, it keeps the industry healthy, and a business that conducts itself with integrity is apparent to its customers, as it reflects on every experience the customer has with your business. But integrity alone is not enough.

A business needs a strategy designed with a broad industry knowledge, developed with understanding and integrity, and executed with precision and expertise.

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Finding the right company to fill your marketing, branding, and business needs in the cannabis industry can be frustrating. Often you’ll be working with 5 or 6 different entities, and getting them all on the same page can be an exercise in futility. Positioning all aspects of your business strategy so they point in the same direction can ensure that every segment of your business is focused and working to the same goal.

If you are looking for an all-in-one cannabis branding company, cannabis marketing company, and cannabis business consulting company, you’ve come to the right place. Fill out the adjacent form, or call us today, and one of our business specialists will be in contact with you shortly.

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